Production of lumber and wood pellets

Export to the European Union and the CIS countries


The company implemented an investment project for the production of square edged timber and wood pellets. This is one of few companies in which woodworking undergoes the whole cycle from the first to the last stage.
Our team consists of people who have been working in the forestry for many years. Top-ranking and skilled specialists work at each production area.
These people are responsible, devotees of their work - not only in word, but in deed.



Our company is traditionally considered to be a symbol of outstanding quality and flawless performance of undertaken obligations in the sphere of production:

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  • hidewood pellets
  • hideblock parquet
  • hidemoulded products
  • hidewindow header
  • hidewooden windows




Wood pellets
Pellets produced by our company meet the requirements of GOST R 54220-2010 and the requirements of European standards DIN EN ISO 17225-2, EN ISO 17225-2.
We produce and offer to all our customers natural wooden moldings made of larch and pine. Decking, floorboard, lining, profile, furniture board should be noted among our wood assortment.
Wood products are of given size and quality in accordance with GOST 8486-86.
Our lumber products are often sorted according to the European standard DIN 68126/86.
Window header
This quality material for window parts is practical and long-lasting. We produce beam of various sizes made of different wood species.
Block parquet
The most common type of parquet is a set of planks (riveting) with ridges and grooves from hardwoods (GOST 862.1-85). The planks are from hard valuable wood species.
Wooden windows
We produce wood mouldings from glued laminated lumber of various species. We have a huge assortment of premium-class natural (including exotic) wood for construction.


All products and the whole technological process are controlled at the proper level and the quality of the products provided by international standard is guaranteed to the end-user.

Certification in Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardization)


Sawmill Complex - «UAB GKF», drying complex - equipment «TERMOLEGNO», production of wooden windows - «SAOMAD» and «OKOMA». Two plants for the production of wood pellets (pellets) - «Lunk» and «ANDRITZ Feed & Biofuel»

Wood pellets 92%
92% Complete
Wooden windows and window header 71%
71% Complete
Block parquet 66%
66% Complete
Lumbers and moulded products 86%
86% Complete
The plant's capacity is about 84 000 tonnes of wood pellets per year. Every day production produces about 200 – 240 tons of finished products. The company is certified by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (German standardization Institute) and received on the produced pellets international certificate DINplus A1, ENplus A1. The end user is guaranteed the product quality, under international norms.
The company produces lumber, about 30,000 m3 per year, most CST of which are exported to Western European countries – Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, UK. In the business case about 18 export contracts for the supply of lumber. You can buy wood or become ocheretny production, according to specifications, you can contact the Manager by phone listed in contacts, or via the feedback form.
The production of parquet flooring today is more than 12 000 m2 finished products per year. In the production process, the company is implementing new, improved technologies and methods for the manufacture of parquet flooring. Excluded cut the flooring at the facility and adjustment of parts, mistakes and miscalculations, thus the rejection of the material. Block parquet is made exclusively from natural Russian raw materials, which pass the corresponding test quality.


wood pellets(T)




wooden windows(M2)


Our company is the producer and exporter of wood pellets and lumber to the EU countries and neighboring countries.
For more than 10 years we have been supplying wood pellets to Poland, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Great Britain, France, Austria, Belgium.
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